Domestic Intruder Alarms Edinburgh

At DSM Security we can design, supply, install and maintain an intruder alarm system that will protect your family and property for many years.

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Intruder alarms have changed so much in recent years that you no longer require a large control panel on your wall. Instead your main control panel in most cases would be hidden out the way and all you would have to control your system would be a stylish LCD remote keypad. If prefered the keypads can be installed as proximity systems, meaning to set and unset the system
you simply present a proximity keyring style fob to your keypad.

The introduction of pet PIR detectors now means pets will not activate your alarm system.

Another aspect of modern burglar alarm systems is the various ways for communicators to work. Your system can either be installed as Bells Only, Text Dialling or for Police response.

Bells Only
Simply means the alarm is installed with no communicator. If the alarm is tripped the external and internal sounder will activate for a set amount of time.

Text Dialling
The sounders will also activate, but you will also receive a text message alerting you of the activation. Up to 3 numbers can receive a text.

Police Response
The sounders will activate ans a message will be sent to a control station who will inform the police of the activation.

If your house has recently been decorated or if you have concrete floors and are concious about cables, then a wireless alarm system would be a great option.

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