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DSM Security have over 21 years of experience within the security system industry. We pride ourselves on providing the best intruder alarms in Edinburgh. Our highly trained team will install top of the line intruder alarms from the very best manufacturers in the security industry.

There are many benefits to using an intruder alarm, with domestic, commercial and wireless options all available. In the event of theft having a fully functioning intruder alarm is of great importance to ward off thieves and stop crimes as they are happening. However, in many cases these alarms can have a proactive effect, deterring theft before it happens.

There are several other positive impacts that intruder alarms offer. The knowledge of having the best intruder alarm on the market allows our clients to have peace of mind when they aren’t on the premises. Alongside putting your mind at ease, there are more practical advantages including the reduction of insurance premiums. Insurance companies often give large reductions if a premises is well secured and intruder alarms are a great addition when looking to reduce this cost. The cost of an intruder alarm in many cases is lower than that of the reduction in insurance premiums. Get in touch today so one of our experts can fit the very best intruder alarms in Edinburgh.

  • Deter Thieves
  • Reduce Insurance Premiums
  • Wireless Options Available

DSM Security Systems have over 15 years experience in designing and installing intruder alarms in Edinburgh and surrounding areas. We will only install equipment from recognised manufacturers in the security industry. For more information on Intruder Alarms please follow the links below for your specific requirements.

Domestic Alarm System
Domestic Alarms

Can you afford to lose the things that are irreplacable to you? All DSM Security Systems come with “FREE peace of mind” in knowing your house is protected by a professional security system, professionaly installed.

Commcerial Alarm System
Commercial Alarms

No job is too big for DSM Security. With our wealth of knowledge in the security industry we can design, install, maintain and commission a complete security system for any commercial premises from scratch.

Wireless System
Wireless Alarms

The DSM wireless alarm from Castle Care Tech is convenient, reliable, cost effective and has a host of built in features including the ability to text up to 3 mobile phones in the event of an activation.