Domestic Fire Alarms Systems Edinburgh

A fire alarm system installed and maintained in your business will protect and reduce the risk of fire to your building, contents and staff. In most cases a fire alarm is required by law and insurance companies.

There are many types of fire alarm systems available, here are just a few.

  • 2 Wire Systems – Sounders can be wired onto the detector zone which saves time and money – ideal for small budget systems!
  • Conventional System – Designed for medium to large installations where a 2 wire system will not support the number of devices.
  • Analogue Addressable System – Mainly used for large installations however are often used in smaller installations where there are several zones or complex programming is required
  • Wireless Systems – Ideal in listed buildings or were fire alarm cabling could be a problem.
  • Hybrid Systems – Part wired, part wireless, deal when the customer wants to make additionas to an already installed addressable system.

With all new fire alarm installations an initial on site assessment of your premises is absolutely essential.

For more information on Commercial Fire Alarm Systems please contact us using the form below.

house fire alarmhouse fire alarm

Fire Maintenance

Maintaining your fire alarm system is absolutely essential and will make sure everything is in working order and reduce the risk of false alarms.
Maintaining a fire alarm system includes checking the main control panel, smoke detectors, heat detectors, sounders and strobes. Please contact us for more info on fire alarm maintenance contracts.

Wireless Fire Alarms

Wireless fire alarms are the perfect solution for listed buildings and premises were fire alarm cable could be a problem. Though wireless fire alarm equipment is a lot more expensive to buy, the cost is usually cut down a bit by less labour time. Hybrid systems are also available where part of the system is wired and part of the system is wireless.

Disabled Refuge

Disabled refuge systems are a requirement in all new commercial buildings with more than one floor. A main panel is installed next to the fire alarm with outstations on each floor, meaning in the event of a fire there is a point of contact in two way audio between the firemen and any disabled people who may be trapped.