Door Entry

DSM Security have over 15 years experience installing door entry systems in Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

Door entry systems are put in place to control who is permitted to enter a building. In it’s most basic form a entry station would be installed at a main external door to a building and a handset inside. When the button is pushed on the entry station the handset is answered and two way communication proceeds. It is then up to the person who answered the handset to allow entry or not.

Commonly found on flats and office blocks door entry systems come in many different formats. Some are listed below.

Audio Only
External entry station with internal audio handsets much the same as a telephone.

Video and Audio
External entry station with built in camera and internal hanset/monitors with built in screen. The video handsets are now available as handsfree units.

Both audio and video entry systems are able to accomodate a large amount of handsets or video handsets if required. For example high rise flats require a lot of handsets. For this type of situation the a digital main entry panel would be best suited. Also, the main door entry panel for both video and audio systems are available as:

  • Flush or surface mounted
  • Standard or vandal resistant
  • Service button with timer to allow postman entrance
  • keypad entry
  • Proximity entry

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