Domestic CCTV Systems Edinburgh

CCTV is now common place on many homes in Edinburgh. This is mainly down to two things:

Usually the very sight of a camera (especially when a intruder alarm is also installed) is enough to make a would be burglar move on to a different area.
External CCTV Cameras now come with IR LED’s built in. When it gets to a certain level of darkness the camera will automatically switch to black & white and the IR LED’s will switch on, meaning the camera will see a reasonable image in darkness.
In most cases your CCTV System can be connected into your current TV or a pc monitor.

DVR Technology
Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s) are at the heart of your CCTV system. All footage is recorded and stored on the DVR’s hard drive. Once the hard drive is full it simply starts to record over itself. We would normally set the DVR up so it records for at least 2 weeks before recording over old footage.
DVR’s can also be networked so you can log in to your network either from a pc or smart phone and view your CCTV footage from anywhere in the world.