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DSM security provides the very best CCTV systems in Edinburgh at an affordable price. There are few places you can go where CCTV won’t be close by, the main reason for this is the effectiveness these systems have. Due to the rapid rise of the use of CCTV, the industry has become increasingly competitive. As a result, the technology has become even more advanced and the systems are more affordable than ever.

Gone are the days where only large corporations use CCTV, it is now common for homeowners to utilise the effectiveness of this impressive technology. At DSM Security we can meet any domestic or commercial CCTV needs alike. Our domestic systems are so effective as a result of the use of both cameras and DVR Technology. The presence of a camera often wards off an intruder and acts as the perfect deterrent to quickly make any burglar move on from the area. The IR LED technology even allows cameras to provide a good quality image even during the hours of darkness.

DVR Technology is the essence of what makes CCTV so effective, the ability to record and store all footage that has been taken onto the hard drive. This footage saves over two weeks worth of  video before it begins to overlap from the start of the footage. This allows our clients to look back at over two weeks of video to find anything they may need. This can be accessed via a PC or smartphone and is accessible from across the globe.

DSM Security has over 21 years of experience within the security industry. Our highly-skilled team will install, maintain and repair CCTV systems to the highest standard. DSM’s experience and knowledge of the industry allows us to provide the very best CCTV installation in Edinburgh. For any questions or queries on installing your own CCTV today get in touch with our friendly staff at 01315383081 or email

These days CCTV is all around us for the simple reason that it works. CCTV will catch criminals in the act or it will deter them all together. Gone are the days when CCTV was just installed in the commercial market. CCTV has become such a competitive industry that it can now be affordable for home owners.

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